Congratulate me!
 I finally beat a monster named procrastination, tough fight, but I WON! ^_^
So finally me mehndi designs are here well out of 80 pictures I selected only 10, I may upload them later.
I think I got the hang of the cone this year. The designs turned out pretty and neat, and I shall boast :P
All thanks to my mom who let me use her hands and feet all these vacations.
I love her so much! <3
I also did put or apply henna on friends and family friends this year, although this post has no pictures of those designs, I'll put them in another post.
Henna in itself is not hard, you learn as you go and then your hand just gets used to it and the designs turn out to be just the way you want them to be.
Here are mine:
This one was just done today, and I absolutely loved it. The shading added life to the petals. The color wasn't that amazing but meh, I love it anyways. Also this design is entirely my own imagination or creation . Do you notice the bandage thingy in the right picture? I have a sever pain in my arm. >_<

My hands are so tiny, this one isn't very special, but it looks good when you remove the henna. The stain you see is from a mistake I made. This one barely took me 5 minutes.

Mommy's arm! I just wanted to randomly fill it like how brides get theirs done. It looks good enough ,at least everyone complimented me. It took around 30 minutes.

You all should remember this from last year. It's so much better this time, last time it just looked like bugs playing. This is what I put my mom for Eid. Pretty, isn't it?

Her foot!  I just wanted to practice these new kind of flowers I learnt. I liked how it turned out, although such designs aren't meant for your toes.

These are a bunch of my early designs that I started practicing in the 2nd week of Ramadan. I was amazed that I had become more fluent and neater this year. Excuse any hair you see. Plus these are simple beginner designs.
So that's it for this post. Hope you loved them and that my progress inspires you to learn henna as well.
Have an awesome day!!!


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