Congratulate me!
 I finally beat a monster named procrastination, tough fight, but I WON! ^_^
So finally me mehndi designs are here well out of 80 pictures I selected only 10, I may upload them later.
I think I got the hang of the cone this year. The designs turned out pretty and neat, and I shall boast :P
All thanks to my mom who let me use her hands and feet all these vacations.
I love her so much! <3
I also did put or apply henna on friends and family friends this year, although this post has no pictures of those designs, I'll put them in another post.
Henna in itself is not hard, you learn as you go and then your hand just gets used to it and the designs turn out to be just the way you want them to be.
Here are mine:
This one was just done today, and I absolutely loved it. The shading added life to the petals. The color wasn't that amazing but meh, I love it anyways. Also this design is entirely my own imagination or creation . Do you notice the bandage thingy in the right picture? I have a sever pain in my arm. >_<

My hands are so tiny, this one isn't very special, but it looks good when you remove the henna. The stain you see is from a mistake I made. This one barely took me 5 minutes.

Mommy's arm! I just wanted to randomly fill it like how brides get theirs done. It looks good enough ,at least everyone complimented me. It took around 30 minutes.

You all should remember this from last year. It's so much better this time, last time it just looked like bugs playing. This is what I put my mom for Eid. Pretty, isn't it?

Her foot!  I just wanted to practice these new kind of flowers I learnt. I liked how it turned out, although such designs aren't meant for your toes.

These are a bunch of my early designs that I started practicing in the 2nd week of Ramadan. I was amazed that I had become more fluent and neater this year. Excuse any hair you see. Plus these are simple beginner designs.
So that's it for this post. Hope you loved them and that my progress inspires you to learn henna as well.
Have an awesome day!!!
Happy Independence Day to all of my Pakistanis!!
And a belated Eid Mubarak as well.
I know I haven't updated in a while, life can be so eventful. My results came out yesterday, and Alhamdulillah they were great. I am just a nerdy nerd so I was stressed about it.
So to celebrate we had gone out to dinner and then stopped by this Japanese store Daiso and got a few stuff.
All the items you see in the picture are for SAR 7 each.
It's a small haul, we had originally gone to buy new erasers to add to our collection. I didn't include them in the picture.
The items you see are:
BB Cream Face Mask (2 pcs.)
Nose Pack
Charcoal Face Pack (I tried it and liked it.)
Some pimple/blackhead popping tool.( Pretty useless)
2 Glitter balls (Gifts from my baby sister)
 Decorative Sticker for my phone case (DIY coming soon)
That's pretty much it for this post.
Have a nice day!!!

Yay!! OOTD Ramadan version!!
 This is one of the most beautiful dresses that I've ever got tailored or stitched whichever word you prefer.
The dress obviously reaches my ankles and is a flow-y purple floral chiffon dress. It has green net panels on either side and two motifs; one in the front and one at the back. The sleeves and the trousers are both churidaar YAY !!^_^.
I think this  dress that is beautiful elegant and quite decent and modest at the same time. Perfect for Iftaaris. Did I mention super comfortable? Except for the dupatta (veil), that is annoying, it slips off too much! >_<

As for the shoes and accessories I paired this dress with nude sling backs ( Paprika) and emerald green choker necklace and two of my to-go simple and delicate rings.
Have a nice day!!!!

So I guess this is my first post solely dedicated to eye makeup. It's a pink purplish look not obviously meant for everyday.
All the colors I used are from Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette.
I put up this look on , so if you like make sure to hit the "I Would" button

I tried all different lights and angles, but the camera never justifies the colors >_<
Oh also aren't these False Lashes amazing!



Products used:
Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette
Coastal Scents Eye Crayon (White for base)
False Lashes from Eppo (Japanese Store)
MaxFactor False Lash Effect Mascara
Garnier Tinted Eye Roll-On
Pupa Silk Touch Loose Powder
It's been long since I did an OOTD post.
This is lawn dress by Nishat Linen, I don't know which collection it is from.
But  I really love this dress , just about the perfect size and the colors are vibrant too :)
This is what you'd find a Pakistani women/girl or at least me wearing in her house
The perfect combination of lovely and comfy :)
Sorry about the bad quality of the picture :-I
Since I love wearing lawn dresses because of the comfort level they offer , I ventured a lot into different brands, and Nishat is definitely among the top ones. I might do a casual dress series soon :)
Oh! By the way these dresses are tailored or stitched for those of you who didn't know
Have a nice day!!!

Finally, finally I have defeated all the odds and was able to present you all this post ;)
I bought this probably around May, and have used it in total 3 times, (because I prefer not wearing makeup always).
So here's the product a mascara (Readers: like duh, the title says so),but wait it's not a simple mascara, it has got fibers in it. YAY!! (*drumroll*).Plus I dunno about the packaging everywhere, but the one I picked up at Centrepoint was in the shape of a lash or at least that's what I thought so. It cost me about SAR 69.I didn't really care about the price, it claimed to make my lashes really long, so I wanted to buy it. :P

( I don't have the entire packaging's picture since I was so eager about opening it and all :P
who am I kidding? , just found quick picture I took!)
(Nothing interesting, I guess my "past me" knew my "future me" very well :P)
What the product says:
Build lashes with 4mm of measurable extensions! Illegal Length Mascara's fiber extensions break every law of lengthening. Created with the longest fibers ever in a mascara, Illegal Length's patented sealing formula and Fiber-Fix Brush give your lashes a dramatically longer look.
What my lashes are like:
I think that's important to tell you all, since the results will vary accordingly. I have naturally long and maybe thick lashes and they are naturally curled too (boasting much?) (Probably you guys would've seen better).Then why do you need a mascara? Well obviously I like them to be dramatic and bold and flash out saying "I have got mascara on!!".And you know we girls want more of everything :P.
What the product really does:
Okay I must say I was not expecting the result this product gave. My lashes OMG were so long!!! *screams with happiness*.I am not sure about the 4mm but they were definitely longer than normal.
Here are the results:

(Hahahaa I look retarded in the third picture, by the way can you see my camera in my eyes, they did get very watery because of taking so many pictures :P)
But can you guys believe these results?!? because I can't. :D
 I will have to agree that this a little bit more dramatic (maybe a tad bit scary) than I was going for :P
 I really love how it holds the curl well and opens up my eyes.
As for the product: It does what it claims (*boldifies the text*)
The above is a picture of what the wand/spoolie looks like. Nothing extraordinary just thin and simple. I am showing you a zoomed in version so that you guys can see the fibers in it ( I hope you can).
It gets on a lot of product on the first coat itself, (Sorry I took the pics a long while back so I don't remember which one it could be :/ ).
Best/Desired results can be achieve my applying multiple coats without letting each coat dry.
What I don't like about this product:
The formula can dry out your lashes and make them feel brittle or so I have experienced, because that's what I felt while getting it off like maybe I was breaking a lash or two.
It indeed is heavy, I don't know if it will weigh down straight lashes, it didn't do that to mine but it felt heavy throughout the day.
For those of you who hate clumpy lashes, I 'm afraid that it does clump them but that's not what I find problematic it's probably that the fibers kinda make my lashes look like they have split-ends. Otherwise I'm fine with the clumps.
I like the effect it has on my lashes, definitely lengthening brightens up my eyes .
I rate this product  4 stars. (-1 for the dryness)
<3 Have a nice day!!!! <3
PS: Have you noticed how bb creams and tinted moisturizers have spread :P My wish has been granted. And also I wore a bit of makeup for this post and didn't curl my lashes .I'll try to update soon!!
PPS: I took in total 47 pictures and managed to love only 6! :P eee!! its 4:00 AM exact better be off to pray Fajr.

I know, I know it almost felt like I abandoned blogging, but seriously not only have I been sick but I had my externals >_<.Finally, I am a free bird and that too for 3 months!! ^_^.I'll compensate for all those missed posts.So glad to be back, but the posts would've to wait till I am done formatting my laptop *sigh* which I hope my lazy side lets me do it.Till then...