This is just a filler review.The mask you see in the picture above is from a Japanese Store Daiso,which I was so happy to find,since all the Japanese stuff is so cute and innovative ^-^
I had bought this almost a year back,so that I could use it before any grand function.So many functions passed by and I never used it until 2 months back.
And that too during exams I was bored of studying and I thought why not use the mask.
I had seen a review on it , the lady who used had a very bad reaction from it,so I was scared as well.
Check out the translation :D
What the product says:
(By the way since I used this two months back it's so hard to read the description off the picture that too with a shadowy cast :p)
Our mask pack shields the surface of the skin with a protective layer which also increases the skins temperature during the application.The layer prevents moisture from escaping,helps to revive,nourish,soften and oxygenate the skin while removing impurities.The concentrated? extract in the pure natural cotton mask contains a soft herbal aromatherapy scent for a relaxing experience.(Pheww ;-) )
And I guess from the packaging that it contains orange extract. :D Apart from that it contains ginkgo and arbutin :D
Orange obviously is enriched in Vitamin C and other essential oils with anti-oxidant properties that hep lighten skin tone.
Ginkgo is another anti-oxidant with anti-inflammatory properties which protects the skin from UVB rays and improves collagen production.Reduces redness and lightens pigmentation.
Arbutin is another effective skin lightening agent found in wheat and pear skin

Since I am not Japanese or Korean since that's where the product was made I don't know much of the ingredients , but I read another bloggers review , which said it contains ethanol

Directions for use:
Apply on clean face for 20-30 minutes and remove the mask and massage the residue onto your skin.
My thoughts on the product:
Well, I was amazed and wished that I used the product before.I have a very sensitive skin.I instantly felt my skin cooling and after 25 minutes of wearing the mask I removed it and gosh! was my face glowing even my mom asked what I had done to my face . It though had a very strange smell almost like Curry maybe my smell recognition / identification skills are bad, but it definitely wasn't a pleasant smell.But my skin was very calmed and lightened.It's only a mask and I am sure that one time use will not give anyone the desired results.
I will buy this product again , although I prefer trying out other products.
(Did you notice I still have some of my henna left on my hand from when  I did my Mehndi Post ;) )
The cotton sheet is heavily packed with the product.As you can see a mere contact left residue on my hand which obviously means it's good in transferring the product from the sheet to the face.Also its very sheer.The mask was way big for my face.But I guess some things just can't be helped.
   Have a nice day!!!!



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