(Aren't my photography skills amazing btw )
This is one of those expensive high end products bought at an impulse.I had been to Sephora ages before and wanted to  look for a foundation , I was just asking the lady if she had any foundation for flaky skin,so she showed me instead this base, which smoothens the skin and fills in pores,fine lines and wrinkles.I tested the product on my hand and seriously it felt like touching melted butter :D My skin was so freaking soft.I just had to buy this product both for my mom and myself.

What the product says:

Directions for use
I remember not really following the directions and seriously I thought it was the product that disappointed me.

1)Cleanse your face
2)Apply a thin layer all over the face focusing on the problem areas.Use as required.
3)Leave it be or after 5-10 mins, yes, after at least 5 mins apply your foundation.

**If your skin is very dry then use moisturizer. Wait 5 mins.Blot the skin.Apply the base and wait 5 mins again before applying your foundation.**

What it really does and points about the product:

-Really smooths out the skin
-Mattifies the skin and hence can be used alone but remember it's just a base not a concealer.
-Hydrates and gives skin a beautiful glow.
-It might feel heavy in the beginning but later on you don't feel anything ,light as air :D
-Contains Vitamin E and Acacia Micro-pearls , provides protection and hydration.
-Lasts long enough, keeping your foundation looking fresh , even for oily skin
-Really good for sensitive skin
-Comes with a spatula which is good since I don't like digging in with my fingers :o
-Doesn't work on dry patches caused due to acne , might even exaggerate them.
-Fills in fine lines and small pores, but I find it ineffective for large acne :/
-If you don't wait before applying foundation,foundation becomes slippery and wears off

I love the packaging it's just elegant and lady-like also the base itself comes in a pale pink colour (how cute is that)
I rate this product : ★★★★
-1 for a its highly priced  (SR 140) and the size is small (0.5 oz.)

Ending with one last picture :D 
I feel so proud of myself after taking these pictures I always wanted to have an entry with candle-lit photos *-*

I am really sorry for updating real late,I had taken pictures long back for this entry
PS aren't they just magical (the pictures I mean).
PPS I had to wait one entire week  for posting it,since Blogger wouldn't let me insert pictures.


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