Hi everyone!! I know it has been almost a month (1 day left) since my last post.So,  just so that I don't hit the I-didn't-blog-for-a-month record , I decided to do this filler post.I have been sick for almost a month (twice in a row). And then school exams took me in.Finally, I am done with all that jazz. So here are some of the awesome photos,  I took during this month. ( It's a lie I took these only a week ago and some today :p )
You all might remember this hat from my Isabelle Dupont LipBlam Review Post.
I am in love with this tiny hat.Is it hard to believe that this is an alligator clip?

My big ring collection :D The three in the front row are gifts.I love that they are so shiny ( I sound like a three year old) and also make amazing photos. Isn't my camera just simply amazing?


This is actually a model of a Pakistani truck.A great representative of our culture, as truck drivers really treat their trucks as their wives and have them awesomely painted and decorated. The second is just a small jewellery holder.Both have been embellished with mirrors.Aren't these both beautiful souvenirs ?
This last picture is an epitome of bad editing.I didn't realise while editing that my final touches actually ruined this picture.But it has a message for all of us: "Live Love and Laugh!!". Aren't the spiral sticky notes cool? (The only reason I bought them.)
Cameras Used: Samsung Galaxy S3 :p and Canon Powershot
Editing Apps Used: Aviary and PicsArt
(You're welcome :D)
✿✿✿Have a nice day!!✿✿✿


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